Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hello Hob-Gobs,

Well, tonight was the 7 Deadly Sin Revue's first 'monthly' show at the Prohibition Room of 2010! We had an awesome turnout and had quite a wonderful show!

My shoot with Dynamite Dames was this morning! I have been excited about this for months! I love hanging out with these ladies! The shoot was at my best friend's house so I was surrounded by awesome people that I love! I went down to her house to avoid the two hour drive this morning to make my appointment at 9AM! We stayed up until around one that then got up even earlier to get ready! It's so much fun working with these girls. I love their sets and their photos, their advice and guidance, and the fun environment they create! I still found myself awkward in front of the camera at first, but I DID get to chain my best friend(in lingerie) to a chair and whip her a little bit... can you say FUN?!

Today was also my bestie Sarah's birthday, so I'm so glad I could see her for that! I had to cut my visit short because I had a show in Oklahoma City.. and found out only a couple days before that my Mummy would be staying with me today aswell! After a wonderful day shooting we rushed home and met my Mummy for some dinner! It was surprisingly easy to convince my Mummy to come to the show, so tonight was her first burlesque show! Go Mummy! She was a bit out of her element, but had a fun time! I keep exposing her to crazy new things.. but she has supported me the whole time. I love my Mummy so very much!

My performances were mixed tonight. The routine I perform with Eddie Mercury went horribly. It was just an off night for that dance...because we have been kicking that routine's butt lately! My second routine went just the opposite! It was awesome! Thank you to everyone who made this day so amazing!

Stay Spooktacular,

Vera Voodoo.