Sunday, March 7, 2010


This weekend was yet another fabulous one that led us to Dallas and back! We started out by seeing the midnight showing of Alice in Wonderland. Eddie and I dressed up and had such a blast. We left for Texas Saturday afternoon and just barely made it to the show on time!
Burlesque-A-Billies Sexy boys! I love Bubbles! Cute! March62009B&P 025
The show was fantastic! It was the rockabilly themed show put on by Broads and Panties! There were awesome vendors and fantastic performers! There was a raffle to help out those affected by the Greenville fire, which was awesome of them to put on. I donated some prints, and was so glad that I could. I got to see some fantastic people again, and meet others for the first time! Eddie and I had such a blast! :-) I'm so proud of the show these ladies and gents put on for us!

After the show we went to a diner to fill up and had some fun. Even some of the most simple times spent with these people are so much fun! I cannot wait to come back for a visit.
March62009B&P 024 March62009B&P 023 March62009B&P 022 March62009B&P 021
March62009B&P 015 Eddie Mercury and Vinny Velour! March62009B&P 019 March62009B&P 018
Ha, I know, we get carried away with pictures, but last night was SO much fun!

This morning was my contest shoot with Dynamite Dames and Vintage Flair! The day that Eddie and I left...Eddie surprised me with an awesome prop for the shoot and this morning we came up with some fun ideas, I cannot wait to share them with you! It is always fabulous working with these ladies! If you ever get the chance to, DON'T PASS IT UP! <3

Now I'm at home in Oklahoma City and still reeling from the weekend. Thanks to all who made this weekend so fun!

Stay Spooktacular,

Vera Voodoo.

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