Saturday, July 31, 2010


Hey Hob Gobs,

I just got back from Texas! Last night was the Broads and Panties presents: Metal UNCHAINED show! I have been looking forward to this show for a while! Well, seeing how I LOVE the headliners a ridiculous amount I'm a little Biased. I felt completely honored to be a part of it, and that one of those ladies recommended me for the show! <3 It is always good seeing friends! I was so excited that I would get to see Kira again.. I never make it out to L.A, so I don't see her very often. I was so happy to be a part of this show, to work with such amazing people and perform for an awesome crowd! I got one of the best responses that I have ever had from a crowd, fans, and even my friends that attended!

Unfortunately, the day before the show I got dehydrated because my sleep schedule was off and I overslept... woke up at 3 in the morning to discover that I was pretty sure that I had a kidney infection. I went to the doctor and sure enough: kidney infection! So yesterday I had to run some last minute errands... with a fever from the infection, in 100+ degree weather, in an un air conditioned car. My senses were off and I drove very casually like a crazy lady... probably a combination between little food, meds, fever and the heat.. but I was so out of it. Got pulled over and yelled at by a husband was on the phone in the seat and heard the colorful words.. so awesome. It could have been the tearful anxiety driven reaction to the cop screaming at me, or the nipple slip that may have happened (it was a low cut happens... seat belts, you know?).. but even after the crazy driving and such (probably could of had 5 tickets worth) he let me go. Scott free. Needless to say I sat there for a moment, completely perplexed.

Went home, finished packing, left for Texas early, got caught in horrible construction sites leaving someone rear ending a horse trailer and stopped traffic. We were at a standstill twice in our trip. We still made it to the show on time. Had plenty of time to settle everything. It was such an awesome, relaxed, and drama free show. I really had an amazing time. Although I was super sick, and my kidneys were screaming by the time my first number came up, I had so much fun! I danced to Motorhead and had such a great reaction! The rest of the show was awesome, I enjoyed every performer thoroughly, onstage and off(I won't lie, backstage burlesque antics are the BEST!) and was so happy to see them perform! Those are some amazing ladies! After the show we made rounds, mingled. I got to meet some Facebook friends and fans, which is something I always enjoy!

I just wanted to thank everyone who made this show happen, and for having me as a part of the show! And of course a BIG thank you for everyone who came out to support us, you were an awesome crowd! <3

xoxo Vera

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