Friday, August 13, 2010


Hello Boils and Ghouls

The hunt for an 'actual' job is over. (I actually had to edit this entry because 10 minutes after saying I MAY have the job, they called me offering me the job!)

I'm pretty excited about this. Not as excited about taking focus off of the burlesque/pinup adventures a little bit, but it's completely necessary at the I understand I'm going to be part time, and seasonal so it shouldn't take too much time aware from the fun stuff.. but anything to help Eddie fret about bills less.

So, earlier this week, the day I got the callback for my second interview I got news that I was requested to be the featured zombie in a local horror flick in Tulsa! So, I'm getting into motion pictures, Hob-Gobs! This is goign to be so much fun, since I'm very prone to being zombiefied on a casual basis! This one sounds fun, think bathingsuit/bikini zombies! The filming is going to be this Saturday, so I have to gather my things, and my dogs and head that direction when Eddie gets off of work today! I'm pretty excited about this one. Check back soon!

Until then;

Stay Spooktacular,
Vera Voodoo.

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