Saturday, June 6, 2009

Biting The Apple

Hey Boils and Ghouls, 

Tonight concluded the two night show; Biting The Apple; Redefining Red: Exploring the Color Of Eros. What a lovely two-night erotica/art show, indeed! Red just so happens to be my favorite color! Despite the insanity that is the behind the scenes of five performing acts sharing a tiny stockroom for a dressing room and just the flurry behind a burlesque show.. it went very well. Our troupe did our Group performance each night, and our solos were split up between the two nights. I got to do my new and improved Solo, which unfortunately had some behind the scene kinks, which wasn't even our fault,  but I still had a nice response! So thank you for everyone who cheered and supported us. We have quite a few performances left in the next month or two. Please check my calendar for dates and details!!

Until then; 

     Stay Spooktacular, 
                     Vera Voodoo.

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  1. dearest, i'm so glad you've started not only this blog but this part of your life. so glad i could be there at least for the beginning.