Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fly in the Ointment.


Well, some events have come up that are beginning to take all of my free time. I'm very worried of what this will do to my new set of scheduling, activities and goals. I'm rather disappointed in many aspects in the event. I'm really torn, heartbroken to what has happened, worried about the party involved, but also, I think selfishly; of myself. I feel that I finally have some direction to go in, and then when someone cannot take care of their messes, I must drop everything to help them with it. Vera Voodoo may be odd, macabre, spooky, but... she's not heartless. I'm just afraid that I rip out my heart and offer it to all who may need it.. just a smidge too much.. and then it just gets trampled on in the end. What a thank you, right?!

I'm so torn, I fear how much this will interfere with my new burlesque adventure. I love the people involved, but hate being tread on ONLY because I'm trying to help.

Sadly; that is all for now.

Stay Spooktacular,

Vera Voodoo.

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